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Custom Architectural Wood Carving, Design & Contract Manufacturing Services using the Latest CAD, CAM & CNC Technology in Mississauga

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At True North Carving, we specialize in transforming your vision into reality with our custom architectural wood carving and design services. Located in Mississauga, Ontario, we bring over 30 years of expertise in CAD/CAM and CNC technology to every project, ensuring precision and quality in every piece we create. From intricate architectural details to bespoke furniture components, our skilled craftsmen are dedicated to delivering exceptional results that exceed your expectations. Whether you need detailed carvings, precise milling and routing, or expert restoration, True North Carving is your trusted partner for all your woodwork needs.
  • Custom Architectural Wood Carving
    • Intricate wood carvings for architectural elements using CNC
    • Decorative woodwork for interiors and exteriors
  • CNC Milling and Routing
    • Precision milling and routing services
    • Custom shapes and designs in various materials
  • CNC Lathe Turning
    • Detailed and accurate lathe turning
    • Custom wooden components and fixtures
  • 3D CAD Modeling
    • Creation of detailed 3D models for design visualization
    • Custom design adjustments and prototyping
  • CNC Laser Cutting and Etching
    • Precision laser cutting for custom shapes and designs
    • Detailed etching for intricate patterns and personalization
    • High-quality results in various materials
  • Custom Furniture Components
    • Custom-crafted furniture parts and accessories
    • Bespoke designs to match unique furniture styles
  • Architectural Elements
    • Custom columns, balusters, moldings, and trims
    • Unique architectural details for residential and commercial spaces
  • Prototyping and Small-Batch Production
    • Prototype development for new designs
    • Small-batch production runs for specialized projects
  • Restoration and Reproduction
    • Restoration of antique woodwork
    • Reproduction of historical wood carvings and architectural details
  • Collaborative Design Consulting
    • Collaborative sessions to bring client visions to life
    • Expert input on materials, finishes, and construction methods

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