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Frequently Asked Questions About Auto Glass Services

Does my insurance cover the cost of auto glass replacement?
If you have comprehensive coverage with your insurance company then they will cover auto glass replacement for you.
Why should I choose Everyday Autoglass instead of other auto glass shops like Speedy Auto Glass or Apple Auto Glass?
At Everyday Autoglass, we provide the same warranty on all our auto glass replacement and repair work as they do. Our trained technicians are more experienced than many auto glass technicians at Speedy or Apple Auto Glass, we offer lower prices than they do, same service, and we are approved by all insurance companies. They have bigger marketing budgets so they are able to convince people that they are the best, but the reality is you can get better auto glass work at a lower price when you choose us as your auto glass replacement and repair professionals.
What is the difference between getting my windshield replaced at Everyday Autoglass or at Toyota if I own a Toyota vehicle?
There is no difference for you as the customer to do the windshield replacement in either of the places. Authorized car dealers such as Toyota, Honda, etc., use us for repair and replacement.

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